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DSA Winter Charity Gala Concert - 2021



Unfortunately, due to the pandemic we have not been able to hold the Christmas festival for the past two years. This year, however, with our commitment to support local charities we organized a Winter Charity Gala Concert featuring prominent Czech musicians. The intimate concert was held at the Troja Chateau in Prague at December 4th, with participation from 35 countries.

In the past couple of years, because of the current situation these charities have experienced a greater need of funds and support, and the DSA is honored to be partnering with them. From the evening, DSA awarded three (totaling 6 after additionally awarding three in February) Czech Charities grants for their proposed projects.

Recently, art and music has suffered greatly as a result of concerts and shows being cancelled, and audiences thinning out.

The DSA Charity Gala concert was a great opportunity to experience classical music with deep roots and wonderful performances at a breath-taking venue and all for a good cause in these uncertain times.

G HMP galerie hlavniho mesta Prahy.png

Galerie hlavniho  mesta Prahy


Please enjoy the music

Performing artists:
Veronika Rovná Holbová - soprano
Roman Janál - baryton
Kateřina Klimánková - violin
Lukáš Klánský - piano

Martin Klimánek - flute

Video edited by Igor Suvorov

DSA - Donations 

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From generous donations six charities received funds:

1. Children’s Centre Chocerady - 50.000 CZK

The Centre takes care of children with severe combined disabilities from birth to 18 years. The children are cared for by a professional team including a doctor, psychologist, nurse, physiotherapist and more.

More information:

2. Anima Terapie - 50.000 CZK

The organization has been providing support to children and families threatened by addiction and social exclusion. They provide weekend or long term stays to clients, psychotherapy and other forms of support to help pull them out of unfavorable situations in their lives.

More information:

3. Caritas Novy Hrozenkov - 38.000 CZK

The mission of this charity is to help seniors, people with disabilities, people after injuries, terminally ill, and caring families at the same time. 

More information:


4. The Harmonie Foundation-50,000CZK

They implement socio-integrational project which uses music as a tool for personal growth for children of unfavorable social backgrounds.

More information:


5. Tamtam-50,000CZK

They support children with hearing impairment. This time for computer equipment and programs to help them with their development or to make communication easier.

More information:


6. Dejme Detěm Šanci-50,000CZK

A scholarship programme for specific children and young adults growing up in children’s homes in Czech Republic.

More information:

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