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Aukro is the largest Czech online auction portal. It has been opearting on the Czech Internet since August 2003.  Last year Aukro sold 12 million items and reached 3,8 million registered users. DSA has been using Aukro for past three years. 

For the past four years the DSA has been organizing charitable auctions on Aukro.

Aukro is only available in Czech, therefore the DSA has created an Aukro user manual for non Czech speakers so anybody can take part in the auction. This manual explains step by step how to register as a buyer and how to bid.


Nonetheless, you might consider taking  those first steps with a Czech speaking friend or colleague.

Aukro auction 2018 is finished.
  • What Is Aukro?

​Aukro is the website that DSA is using to present valuable items for online auction.
If you know eBay, you will be familiar with Aukro.

  • Why is the DSA on Aukro?

​Money! It is difficult to sell the expensive products on our Festival and yet, we receive fantastic items from our sponsors. By using AUKRO, we are increasing our chances to fundraise more money by addressing wider audience.

  • When does it start?

The auction starts on November 16th, 2018 and each item runs for 7 days. We will know, whether the items were sold before Festival, so we can try to sell the unsold items there.

  • Deadline for sending the Aukro prize forms?

It would be best if all the Aukro prizes forms could be completed and sent out by November 12th, as our auction will be promoted by Aukro and our own PR activities and hopefully attract wide audience. If you receive an item suitable for Aukro after this deadline, contact Hana Dilworth and she will put it on-line.

  • Can I bid?

Yes! You may bid on items (once you have registered and have a username and password) and you will be informed about your progress by automatically generated e-mails.

  • Do I need to read and speak Czech to register for Aukro?

​No! If possible, though, please consider having a Czech advisor when you attempt to register. If it is not possible to have a Czech advisor, do not despair! If you require further translation, use an online translation site for further assistance. Google Translate is an excellent site to use!

  • How do I register for the auction?

We have created specific instructions and translations for you – AUKRO MANUAL! You will find it here and on our page. The Manual provides not only detailed instructions but also the required translation of the mandatory fields that are required for registration.

  • How do I find the DSA Items?

​To find the DSA auction items and place your bids, write “Diplomatická aukce” into the product search on the Aukro home page. All our items have a bilingual description of a product, estimated value and donors. (If an item you are looking at does not have it, you might be looking at a product from a different seller – beware!)

  • What happens after I place a bid?

​Aukro will send an email to notify you that your bid has been received. You will also be notified when your bid has been replaced with another, higher bid. These e-mails are automatically generated, therefore in Czech only.

  • How do I pay for my items if I am the winning bidder?

​Aukro will contact you when you are the winning bidder (and also, when auction ended and you have lost). In case of personal pick-up you can pay cash. If you have your item sent by mail, please pay in advance to the DSA account 1964196399/0800. 

  • How do I receive my items?

​Contact Aukro coordinator Hana Dilworth ( and arrange personal pick-up or sending the item by post. 

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