DSA Charity Concert  - 2021

Performing artists:
Veronika Rovná Holbová - soprano
Roman Janál - baryton
Kateřina Klimánková - violin
Lukáš Klánský - piano
Martin Klimánek - flute

Please enjoy the music

DSA - Donations

Trojisky_Zamek_event- c)-Serghei-Gherciu-77.jpg

From generous donations three charities received funds:

1. Children’s Centre Chocerady - 50.000 CZK

The Centre takes care of children with severe combined disabilities from birth to 18 years. The children are cared for by a professional team including a doctor, psychologist, nurse, physiotherapist and more.

More information: http://www.detskecentrumchocerady.cz/

2. Anima Terapie - 50.000 CZK

The organization has been providing support to children and families threatened by addiction and social exclusion. They provide weekend or long term stays to clients, psychotherapy and other forms of support to help pull them out of unfavorable situations in their lives.

More information: www.anima-terapie.cz

3. Caritas Novy Hrozenkov - 38.000 CZK

The mission of this charity is to help seniors, people with disabilities, people after injuries, terminally ill, and caring families at the same time. 

More information: http://www.nhrozenkov.charita.cz