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Our Constitution

Constitution of Association

Diplomatic Spouses’ Association z.s.


The Diplomatic Spouses’ Association o.s. was incorporated into the Register of Czech Ministry of Internal Affairs under the Act No. 83/1990 Coll., on association of citizens, as amended, on 27 April 2006 under legal form of association of citizens. With effect as on 1st January 2014 the Diplomatic Spouses’ Association o.s. is considered as an association under the Act No. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code, as amended (hereinafter the CC). As from the above date, the former association of citizens is an association under the CC and as from the date of adopting this constitution bears the name “Diplomatic Spouses’ Association z.s.”.


Article 1 – General

The Diplomatic Spouses’ Association z.s., identification no. 709 359 47, Commercial Register by Municipal Court in Prague, Section L, file 16695 (hereinafter the DSA) is a voluntary, non-profit, non-political and independent international organization based in Prague, Czech Republic that respects the diversity of creed, race, culture and tradition.

The DSA’s registered office is: Prague.

The financial year of the DSA starts on January 1 and last till December 31.

A representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic shall be the contact to the DSA in the Czech Republic.


Article 2 – Mission

The mission of the DSA is to promote relationship and strengthen friendship between the DSA members (hereinafter the members) representing their respective countries and people of the Czech Republic. The primary role of the DSA is fundraising for charities in the host country to help the less fortunate people in the community.

Article 3 – Membership

The spouses of the Heads of Diplomatic Missions accredited in the Czech Republic are eligible to become members of the DSA by submitting their written request in this sense. In case a Diplomatic mission accredited in the Czech Republic is not represented in DSA by the spouse of the Head of this Diplomatic Mission, the Head of such Diplomatic Mission may designate one representative, other than spouse, to be eligible to become a member of the DSA by submitting a written request to the President.


A DSA member may nominate one associated member who is a diplomatic spouse representing the same country by submitting a written request to the President. Associated members are obliged to pay the annual membership fee.


The General Meeting decides on admission of new members on the basis of their own written request or the request of the Head of Diplomatic Mission, in case of the candidate that is not a spouse of Head of Diplomatic Mission, that is forwarded to it by the President. The DSA membership shall be established after having paid the annual membership fee.


The DSA membership shall end:

  1. at the moment the person from whom the member derive his/her membership ceases to be a Head of the Diplomatic Mission accredited in the Czech Republic;

  2. when the member leaves the Czech Republic permanently. In case of any doubts whether the member left the Czech Republic permanently, after 6 months from his/her depart from the Czech Republic the General Meeting may, be simple majority of vote, decide on termination of his/her membership in DSA.

  3. by submitting a written request for resignation to the President. The memberships ceases on the day the resignation is delivered to the President.

Article 4 – Governing bodies

The DSA governing bodies shall be: the DSA General Meeting (hereinafter the GM), the President and the Committee.

Only the DSA’s members shall be appointed President or officers of the Committee unless otherwise stipulated below.

a. The General Meeting :

  • The General Meeting is the supreme body of the DSA.

  • The Annual General Meeting shall be called at least once a year by a written notice that is sent to all members electronically and/or posted on DSA's webpage at least 15 days prior to the meeting.

  • The extraordinary GM shall be convened when the Committee deems that is necessary or when requested by more than 25% of the members.

  • The GM shall make decisions by a simple majority vote of the members present. Quorum makes the presence of majority.

  • The GM shall make decisions by distance voting (i.e. per-rollam). The expression of the will of a member who is not present at the GM in person must unambiguously indicate how he/she votes.

  • The GM shall make decisions on DSA's policy and activities, shall vote for a new President, Vice President and new members of the Committee, shall approve the Constitution and its amendments, shall approve the annual report, as well as adopt any other decision which entrusts to its authority.


b. The President :

  • The President is the statutory body of the DSA.

  • The President shall be the spouse of an ambassador.

  • The term of the office of the President is one year.

  • The President shall preside over the GMs, organize and coordinate the DSA activities and oversee their implementation.

  • The President shall publicly welcome each new member at the GM.

  • The President represents the DSA in the host country and abroad.

  • The President may nominate non-members to become members of the Committee.

c. The Committee :

  • The Committee shall assist the President in her/his tasks.

  • The Committee consists of the President, Vice President, the Secretary, the Treasurer and three Coordinators for Culture, Charity and the annual International Christmas Festival.

  • The term of the office of the member of the Committee is one year.

  • In case the President cannot temporarily perform his/her office, the Vice-President shall act on behalf and perform duties of the President until the President can resume his/her office.

  • The Secretary shall keep minutes of the GM and the Committee meetings, attendance record of the members, send copies of the resolutions passed at the GMs and any other notices or information to the members. The Secretary shall keep all minutes and records and upon leaving the Committee passes them over to the newly appointed Secretary or, in case the Secretary’s office remains vacant upon leaving of the former one, to the President.

  • The Treasurer shall be responsible for the DSA budget and finances, collect membership fees and proceeds from the DSA activities, make payments for charities, printing, postage, gifts, events or any other expenses deemed necessary. The Treasurer shall decide together with the President on drawing of funds from the DSA budget as well as on other financial matters. The DSA shall establish a bank account in its name with the signatures of the President and the treasurer, each authorized for disbursement of funds from the account. The Treasurer shall keep all financial records and upon leaving the Committee passes them over to the newly appointed Treasurer or, in case the Treasurer’s office remains vacant upon leaving of the former one, to the President.

  • The Committee shall decide on the amount of the membership fee and its due date.

  • The Committee sets the Charity Guidelines and makes decisions about distribution of funds according to the guidelines.

  • The Committee can nominate a working subcommittee to achieve a given task.



Article 5 - Rights and duties of the members

Each member shall act in good faith, loyalty and care in the best interests of the DSA and all of its members. Each member, except associated members, disposes of one vote and shall be entitled to participate and vote at the General meeting. Each member also has right to make recommendations to DSA and its bodies and participate in all the DSA meetings and activities.

Other rights and duties of the DSA members can be determined by General meeting’s decision.



This constitution was adopted at General meeting on June 27, 2016 and amended at General Meeting on November 3rd, 2017

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