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DSA Charity Grant Guidelines

Grant Guidelines and Focus Areas

  • The Diplomatic Spouse Association (DSA) Prague seeks to fundraise for charities in the Czech Republic and devotes much of time, work and energy to help less fortunate people through strategic and effective grant making. 

  • The main goal of the DSA is to support projects that provide important help to children and young people in need, people with disabilities, victims of crime or of domestic violence, and elderly people.

  • There is no predetermined number of grants.

Examples of projects that can be financed by DSA grants include: rehabilitation equipment, school transport for children with disability, material support for home hospices, children’s institutions, therapy centers, musical instruments for children with disabilities, equipment for the visually impaired, training of guide dogs.


  • Prospective grantees are invited to submit project and program proposals that relate to these targeted areas as well as other similar projects.

Eligibility and Restrictions

  • All projects are carefully chosen and the use of DSA donations is strictly monitored.

  • Preference will be given to non-repetitive, short-term projects.

  • The DSA does not fund political campaigns or advocacy organizations.

  • As a rule, the DSA grants shall not be used for funding regular salaries. Short-term specialists/experts that are involved in a project for a definite period might be considered and funded. The beneficiary must describe in detail the specific role of the specialist/expert and the time frame he/she will be needed;

  • The DSA does not make loans, award scholarships, make tuition reimbursements, provide sponsorships, buy cars or purchase tickets or tables for special events.

  • The application is to be submitted by the advertised deadline.

  • Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

  • Beneficiaries that fail to send reports and documentation as required by the DSA shall not receive any further funding, ant future applications will be declined immediately.

  • DSA considers organizations for funding on a year-to-year basis. Previous funding does not guarantee continued funding.

  • A program or project may be funded for up to five consecutive years, followed by one year off from funding. During the year off, organizations may submit an application for a different program or project. After the year off, an organization may apply for a previously funded project subject to the guidelines listed above.

How to apply for funding from DSA:

  • To apply to the DSA for a grant, Charities should complete and submit the online application in English to the DSA Charity Coordinator by January 31, 2024.

  • The application includes a cover letter, program details, budget, goals, and any additional supporting documents.  All documents must be submitted electronically by email.

  • The budget for the project must be detailed and balanced. All grant applications must include a detailed budget estimate presented in Czech Korunas (see application form).


  • The decision for the grant of financial assistance will be made by the executive Committee of the DSA by direct voting.

  • The DSA Charity Coordinator will respond to all applications within 14 working days from the date of the decision of the Executive Committee.

  • A Grant Agreement must be signed by between all beneficiaries and the DSA.

Calculation of the grant

  • The Executive Committee will calculate the cost of the implementation of the project based on the budget and additional information provided by the applicants.

  • The Executive Committee of DSA reserves the right to reduce the amount of the grant requested if it is estimated to be too high.

Agreement governing the grant

  • Should the Executive Committee of DSA award a grant, a Grant Agreement setting out the conditions and maximum level of funding will be concluded with the beneficiary. The agreement will detail the specific obligations of the beneficiary. The Grant Agreement will be signed by the beneficiary and the President of DSA.

  • Applicants/ beneficiaries representatives will receive two original copies of the Grant Agreement for acceptance and signature. Both of these copies must be signed by the President of DSA. The charity Coordinator will return one copy of the Grant Agreement once it has been signed by both parties.


Payment procedures

  • Payments will be made directly to the beneficiary according to the amount specified in the Grant Agreement.

  • Payment shall be made to the beneficiary’s bank account denominated in Czech Korunas. The account indicated by the beneficiary must make it possible to identify the funds transferred by the DSA.

Submission of reports and other documents

  • All reports and documentation about using the grant and the final financial report must be sent to the Charity Coordinator.

  • Reports, documentation, and bills must be submitted to DSA (Charity Coordinator) within a pre-determined time. Reports should preferably be in English.

  • The beneficiary shall provide the DSA with a status report on the use of the funds not later than four and a half months after signing the Grant Agreement.

  • The final report and the summary of the financial statement must be delivered not later than 8 months after the date of the grant.

  •  The financial report must be submitted on-line as well as in paper version.

  • If the beneficiary fails to submit the final report within the above deadline, the Charity Coordinator shall send a written reminder. If the beneficiary still fails to submit the reminder within 60 days following, the Executive Committee reserves the right to terminate the agreement.

  • Should the final report be deemed to be inadequate or of low quality, the Charity Coordinator reserves the right to request additional information.

  • If adjustments to a project funded by the DSA become necessary, the DSA (Charity Coordinator) must immediately be informed in writing, prior to those changes. Funds used for any other purposes than stated in the Grant Agreement without DSA consent shall be refunded totally or partially and shall be returned to the DSA.

  • Organizations that failed to send reports and documentation after finalizing the project funded by the DSA shall not receive further any funding.

  • If, at any time, the beneficiary fails to comply with these terms and conditions, the granter may, in its sole discretion, withhold distribution of funds to beneficiary or demand the return of all or any portion of any funds distributed to beneficiary. Upon such demand, the beneficiary will immediately return to the granter the amount of funds specified in the demand.

  • Both parties declare by signing the DSA Grant Agreement that they have read it carefully and they accept it.


  • All grant beneficiaries are required to clearly mention the fact that they have received grant from Diplomatic Spouses’ Association in any publication, promotional materials, and during activities (conferences or seminars, etc.), for which the grant is used, using the following wording: "With financial support from the DSA". The logo of the DSA is given at the following address:

  • All grants awarded will be published on the Internet site of the DSA;

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