The DSA committee oversees the implementation of the DSA’s mission. Members of the DSA are elected to the Committee for a one-year term.  The Committee calls and conducts the meetings between the General Meetings of the DSA whenever it is necessary and/or applicable.

The 2020-21 DSA Committee:

President: Mrs. Zahra Ahmed (Pakistan)

Vice-President Mrs. Irena Parvanova (Bulgaria); 

Festival Coordinator Mrs. Anahit Hovakimyan (Armenia) 

Treasurer: Mr. Anton Strnisa 

Secretary: VACANT

Charity Coordinator: Mrs. Bernedette Cuvelier (Belgium)

Cultural Event Coordinator: VACANT


Festival Subcommittee:   PR & Social Media Assistance: Vacant



Cultural Support: Inka Truxova;  PR: Veronika Blažková;  Advisor to Committee: Lenka Novakova,  Book and Bridge club: Louise Beer (Canada),

Webmaster: Tamar Newberger