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The 2024 DSA Committee:

President: Ms. Anne Huisinga-Paret  (The Natherlands)

Vice-President: Mr. Graham Law (Canada)

Treasurer: Ms. Martina Field-Klisovoc (UK)

Secretary: Ms.Marissa Menez (The Philippines)

Charity & Social Media Chair: Mrs. Theodosia Pantazi (Cyprus)

Cultural Chair: Ms. Helle Kelstrup (DEnmark)



    Cultural Support: Ms.Inka Truxova;  

Advisor to Committee: Ms.Lenka Vanickova

Photos: Ms.Jitka Tomeckova

The DSA committee oversees the implementation of the DSA’s mission.

The president of DSA is elected by the Committee for a one-year term. 

The Committee calls and conducts the meetings between the General Meetings of the DSA whenever it is necessary and/or applicable.

2021-22 Committee meeting

In remembrance of the Velvet Revolution '21

'22-23 General Meeting March- Belgian Residence

2021-22 Last GM @Canadian Embassy

2021-22 Committee +Cameron (missing Gabi and Tuba)

2021-22 General Meeting @Portuguese Residence

2021-22 1st General Meeting

Inviting the charities '21-22

Visit to Slunce '21autumn

Talk with the Vlcek Foundation '22 spring


Inviting the charities'21-22


Committee 2022-2023


'22-23 General Meeting - November - Embassy of Italy

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