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The 2022-23 DSA Committee:

President: Ms. Carla Marsili (Italy)

Vice-President: Ms. Mirjana Najchevska (North Macedoni)

Treasurer: Mr. Anton Strnisa (Slovenia)

Secretary: Ms.Svetlana Codreanu (Moldova)

Charity Coordinator: Ms. Lambrini Milona (Cyprus)

Social Media: Ms. Mariam Orjonikidze (Georgia)

The DSA committee oversees the implementation of the DSA’s mission.

The president of DSA is elected by the Committee for a one-year term. 

The Committee calls and conducts the meetings between the General Meetings of the DSA whenever it is necessary and/or applicable.




Cultural Support: Inka Truxova;  Advisor to Committee: Lenka Novakova,  Book and Bridge club: Louise Beer (Canada),

Photos: Jitka Tomeckova,   Webmaster: Vacant, PR:Vacant


March General Meeting at Belgian Residence

November GM

General Meeting - November - Embassy of Italy

2021-22 Last GM @Canadian Embassy

2021-22 Committee with Cameron (Gabi and Tuba to be missed)

2021-22 1st General Meeting

In remembrance of the Velvet Revolution

2021-22 Committee meeting

Visit to Slunce

Visit to Slunce

2021-22 General Meeting @Portuguese Residence


Inviting the charities

Inviting the charities

Talk with the Vlcek Foundation

Talk with Vlcek Foundation

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