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The 2021-22 DSA Committee:

President: Mrs. Atsuko Suzuki (Japan)

Vice-President and Festival Coordinator: Mrs. Svetlana Codreanu (Moldova)

Cultural Event Coordinator: Mrs. Suyeon Kim (South Korea)

Treasurer: Mr. Anton Strnisa (Slovenia)

Secretary: Mrs. Gabriella Vizi (Hungary)

Social Media: Mrs.Tuba Hatipoglu (Turkey)

Charity Coordinator: Mrs. Mariam Bilal (Pakistan)

The DSA committee oversees the implementation of the DSA’s mission.

The president of DSA is elected by the Committee for a one-year term. 

The Committee calls and conducts the meetings between the General Meetings of the DSA whenever it is necessary and/or applicable.




Cultural Support: Inka Truxova;  Advisor to Committee: Lenka Novakova,  Book and Bridge club: Louise Beer (Canada),

Photos: Jitka Tomeckova,   Webmaster: Vacant, PR:Vacant

Trojisky_Zamek_event- c)-Serghei-Gherciu-76.jpg

Last GM @Canadian Embassy

Committee&Cameron (Gabi and Tuba to be missed)

General Meeting

In remembrance of the Velvet Revolution

Committee meeting

Visit to Slunce

Visit to Slunce

General Meeting


Inviting the charities

Inviting the charities

Talk with the Vlcek Foundation

Talk with Vlcek Foundation

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