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We Help Czech Charities

DSA donates 100% of the funds it raises to charity.
Since 2000 the DSA has raised more than KC 70 million, which makes it one of the leading charities in the Czech Republic.

Call for proposals

Czech Charities are invited to

submit project proposals.

Application deadline: January 31, 2024

Who Do We Help?


The Association has a historically diverse portfolio of charities supported over the years. These include hospitals, hospices, orphanages and a variety of other worthy causes. This year, DSA changed the approach to grant donation: instead of money transfer to the recipient account, we will prefer the direct purchase of products or services. We hope that this approach will facilitate targeted support, transparency and grant impact assessment

How To Apply: 


To apply to the DSA for a grant, charities should:

    -Fill in the Application in English along with supporting materials and submit it to the Charity Coordinator via email by January 31, 2024. 

     -All applications and queries related to grants should be emailed to


All funds and donations collected by the association are distributed among eligible Czech Charities.

Thank you to the Charity Associations: Centrum integrace dětí a mládeže, z.s.(CID),  Leontinka Foundation, Hospic sv. Štěpána,  ACORUS, Pestra psi assistance - for being part of the DSA Charity Festival 2023!

*charities that DSA has granted over the past five years 2017-2022
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