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Sunday November 12th
Hilton Hotel Congress Hall

We ask the guests for tickets when entering the hall

We Love What We Do!

The International Festival is a prestigious annual event organized and coordinated by the DSA. In 2019, the Congress Hall of the Hilton Hotel was the venue of this vibrant and important fundraising event. The Chief Guest Mrs. Monica Babisova, spouse of the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic along with Mrs. Iva Petrickova, inaugurated the Festival.

Visitors had the opportunity to buy a wide variety of products from all over the world: souvenirs, clothing, fashion accessories, jewelry, handicrafts, arts and traditional food and beverages.


We give thanks to the Embassies and Diplomatic Missions who initiated, organized and collected products and items donated by national companies from their respective countries and foreign companies operating on the Czech market.

Donation of the Proceeds from the International Festival

All the proceeds from the International Christmas Festival are donated to applying Czech Charities after careful deliberation by the elected Executive Committee.  Proceeds from the International Christmas Festival amounting to KC 1.8 Million + were donated to 20+  charities including a special grant to Hospital Na Frantisku for COVID-19.

After 4 years the Festival is back at Hilton Hotel
Sunday November 12th 10-16pm

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Photos: Leah Takata

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