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Last updated 30 September 2021

Diplomatic Spouses’ Association (DSA)

Questions, comments or requests to access data should be directed to


Data Protection Policy

1. Privacy Principles

The Diplomatic Spouses’ Association (DSA) collects and processes such personal data as is necessary for the purposes of achieving its mission which is to promote relationships and strengthen friendship between the DSA members (hereinafter the members) representing their respective countries and people of the Czech Republic. The primary role of the DSA is fundraising for charities in the host country to help the less fortunate people in the community. All personal data is processed in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

2. Data Collected and Processed

The DSA website is hosted on the platform. Your data may be stored through’s data storage, databases and the general applications. They store your data on secure servers behind a firewall.

 Information processed by the DSA includes data relating to its members, sponsors and supported charities.


2.1 DSA Members

We​ collect personal data from our members directly. Initial collection of personal data occurs when an applicant for DSA membership submits their personal data through the membership registration form. Information collected in the registration form includes name(s), Embassy, email address(es) and telephone number(s).

We process this data in order to establish your membership in the DSA and, once you become a member, provide access and information to you with respect to activities and events we conduct, and communicate with you in connection with the foregoing. We also process this information for our own internal administrative purposes, such as maintaining and keeping membership records (in other words, to serve the DSA’s legitimate interests).

Provision of this personal data to the DSA is entirely voluntary, however, in the event that you choose not to provide basic personal data for the purposes of establishing your membership in the DSA, it would not be possible for the DSA to establish your membership or, in the event that the necessary personal data is provided only in part, extend to you full access to our activities and events or to communicate with you about them.


As part of its activities, the DSA maintains a Member List. The purpose of this Member List is to help networking among members. Access to this Member List is restricted only to current members of the DSA who have the necessary credentials granted by the DSA. The inclusion (publication) of personal data in the Member List is entirely voluntary. You may grant your consent to include your personal data in the Member List when filling in the membership application and specify which categories of personal data you wish to be included in the Member List. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time, by contacting the DSA (contact details are listed in Section 6 below). Withdrawal of consent will not affect the lawfulness of processing of personal data before its withdrawal. In the event that you choose not to grant your consent to having your personal data included in the Member List or withdraw your consent to having your personal data included in the Member List after you have granted it, this will not affect your membership in the DSA in general. It may, however, not be possible to contact you with notifications about certain events organized within the DSA in such case.

In order to promote and facilitate communication about the DSA and our activities and events, we have established a Facebook group “DSA Prague”, which you may join, should you choose to do so. This Facebook group has limited access, and its content is open only to its members. Note, however, that the DSA Prague Facebook membership may include former members and others, and so information published through this group may be accessible even in countries outside of the European Economic Area, which may provide different levels of protection to personal data than the standard enshrined in the GDPR. This Privacy Policy does not cover any information, including any personal data, shared by you or other individual on social media platforms, such as the Facebook group DSA Prague. As regards social media and other digital platforms, their respective privacy policy will apply to that processing of personal data. At the same time, the DSA will make sure that any social media accounts it establishes are maintained responsibly and with utmost regard to its members’ right to privacy and protection of personal data.


2.2 Sponsors and Charities

Like any other interest association, the DSA, in connection with its activities, participates in events, establishes sponsorships and conducts external communications, which are relevant or important to the DSA. The DSA processes this data in order to organize and promote its activities, participate in events, and establish sponsorships (in other words, serve its legitimate interest).

Data collected and thus processed relate to sponsors and charities, and/or, as the case may be, their employees or representatives. The personal data relating to these persons includes business or association name(s), contact name(s), email address(es), business registration number(s), business address(es), and phone number(s).


2.3 Photos and Videos at Events and Activities

We conduct a number of activities and events, as well as participate in such. During these events, we may, from time to time, be taking photos and videos of the event. We may be publishing them in our printed materials, on social media on our website We will be capturing these photos and videos for the purpose of documenting and promoting our activities and their proceedings. We will not be capturing these photos and videos with the intention to identify you. In some instances, however, depending on the nature of the event, we may be taking pictures and videos that may focus on the participants themselves. If you do not want to have your image used in this manner we respectfully ask that you remove yourself from the group photos taken at DSA events. Participation in photos and videos is entirely voluntary and non-participation will have no adverse effects on that person’s relationship with the DSA.


3. Data Sharing and Transfers

The DSA’s policy is to collect and use personal data solely for the purposes of achieving the DSA’s mission (as set out in the DSA constitution), communicating with its members and maintaining its internal functions, and only to the extent necessary for these purposes. The data the DSA collects and processes is only used within the DSA, and is not shared with any other parties, unless it is obligated to so by law or an order of a court or relevant state authority. With the exception of its Facebook group and website, the DSA does not generally process (including transfer) any personal data outside of the European Economic Area.

4. Archiving and Removal

The DSA keeps personal data in a form which permits identification of the data subjects for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the personal data are processed. After this period elapses, we securely dispose of the personal data. We retain basic information relating to our members, sponsors and charities as long as it is relevant to us as historical reference material, and to enable contact for reunions, research or confirmation of past membership.

5. Our Confidentiality

The DSA has adopted appropriate technical and organizational measures in order to protect your personal data and to ensure the necessary measure of confidentiality.

6. Cookies

Our website uses cookies and Google Analytics in order to allow for and improve website functionality and to understand how our users interact with our website. The data we acquire from cookies may be used to determine your geographic location (via your IP address and automated geolocation techniques) or to acquire basic information about the computer, tablet, or mobile device that you use to visit us. You can disable cookies through your browser settings. We do note, however, that not all platforms may allow for such changes to be made. Additionally, please note that if you do this, you may not be able to use the full functionality of our website.

7. Your Rights

As a data subject under applicable data protection law, you have the right to information about the processing of your personal data, the right of access to your personal data, and the right to rectification and erasure of personal data or restriction of processing. You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data as well as the right to data portability. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority.

If you have any questions about how the DSA uses your personal data or you wish to exercise a right on your personal data under applicable law, you may contact us at You may also send paper mail to DSA Prague, Gotthardská 6, 160 00 Praha 6.



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